About the Celtic school for Nature Spirituality

Egbert & Bettina Danninger are the founders of Oak Wisdom. Living on ancient Celtic grounds in Bavaria, they heard the call of their Celtic ancestors and followed up by creating the Celtic school for Nature Spirituality. The school organises workshops and retreats related to old Celtic wisdom. Have a look at the agenda page to find out if there's something that speaks to you. Below you'll find a short introduction of Egbert and Bettina.

For ages I am fascinated by how the human mind creates its own reality and how this inner process can be used to make a more fulfilling and richer life. I am convinced that through the conscious use of knowledge about this, in combination with spiritual insights and disciplines and a strong connection with nature, the world can be a better world. Over the past many years, I have developed successful workshops, training and coaching programs. I have been working as a professional trainer and coach for more than 20 years now.

Spirituality and personal development have always been a driving force for me. In 1998, I made a discovery that would change my world and worldview. I came on the path of what I now call practical magic and how it enables one to actively change reality.

I followed a 4-year training at a medium with paranormal abilities, where I worked with many aspects of sensory perception. I founded the WizArt institute. An institute that teaches the art and science of creating a wonderful life. I am a trainer at the Celtic school for Nature Spirituality. In the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, a philosophy and way of life that can be described as nature spirituality, I am initiated into the Druid degree. I am an active member of this order, and am a ritualist and celebrant.

My long-term collaboration with First Nation Chief Phil Lane Jr. inspired me to delve into the wisdom of ancient cultures. I use this wisdom in my work as coach and trainer. A breakthrough in my own development was a Vision Quest with psychologist and wilderness guide Bill Plotkin. I apply this experience in my leadership programs. I have studied and practiced a large number of spiritual and esoteric worldviews and know how to apply this knowledge in today’s turbulent world.

Discovering and following the path of my soul and becoming more and more my true self is an exciting task in my life. After beeing a rebellic-teenage eco-activist and later a landscape architect I found in my mid twenties a deeper connection to nature to guide me on my way.

Starting with the magic of the herbal plant world, discovering old celtic wisdom, this connection finaly lead to the nature spiritual path of druidry, which combines both: Love of nature and becoming aware of who you are to lead a joyful magical life.

Becoming aware of the own self is an amazing adventure. Sometimes painful in discovering old woundings and destructive patterns, joyful in recognizing values and talents and liberating in solving attachments and behaviour not belonging to oneself anymore. Fulfilling to shine more and more in your true own light and living the life that is truly the own as well.

Connecting in a deep way to nature creates the basis for this adventure. Centered in the wisdom of mother earth, nourished by the energy of plants around us, connected to the always turning wheel of the year, nature is an amazing teacher and haven at once for awareness and personal growth.

Training in personal development, nature spirituality, magic and techniques for transformation in many courses, workshops and books I started in 2007 to share my ongoing experience in teaching, encouraging and inspiring other seekers on their path. The power of archetypes, carmic patterns, healing family attachements, the magic of plants and landscape, rituals in nature, the warrior dance of HAKA and my love for life and people are my favourite tools to do so.

I am a certified eco-pedagogue, life-consultant and I studied druidry with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). Weaving my experiences together creates the inspiration and teachings we are offering at the celtic school of nature spirituality.